Comings and going-February 2019

Dr.  Carla Angolu-Pasel has a background in gender and migration and recently completed her Ph.D. in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.  Her primary role will be to co-ordinate the partnership’s development of a Gender Capacity Building guide/tool.


An expert on security issues, Dr. Chris Hendershot holds a PhD in Political Science from York University. Drawing on his extensive experience with the Mobilizing Inuit Cultural Heritage partnership, CERIS, and the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees initiative, he will facilitate comparative research across the city networks.


Dr. Gabrielle Desilets will use the experience gained from building the city network and KM activities in Montreal in her new position at INSPQ. She will be working on the update of a parenting guide that the province distributes to all expectant and adopting parents in Quebec. I know everyone joins me in thanking Gabrielle for her crucial contributions to the ‘Vivons nos quartiers’ and ‘Transversal’ research projects and the city network in Montreal. Best wishes for the future and stay in touch.

Chedly Belkhodja is currently on leave. I want to thank Mireille Paquet who has replaced him as the Montreal academic representative on the Steering Committee during his leave.