Community Participation

Above all else, our initiative is about people and communities. The partnership puts priority on the communities we study and work with, to positively influence the settlement of migrants in Quebec and Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the world. We are a collaborative community ecosystem working together to respond to growing evidence that complex social challenges require a multi-sectoral platform of dedicated academics, non-governmental organizations, and government representatives to contribute to real change and positive impact.

Knowledge Mobilization

We’ve learnt over time that finding sustainable solutions for contemporary social problems requires collaboration and dialogue among people from multiple sectors. Knowledge mobilization helps to make research useful in society and is a pillar of the work we carry out at BMRC-IRMU. We connect with academic researchers to promote deeper scholarship and analysis across disciplines. We involve non-governmental organizations and service providers working with migrants in all stages of our work, from conducting community research to using the findings to advocate for more effective programming. We engage policymakers in federal, provincial, and municipal governments by making our findings available to inform policy development at all levels affecting migrants. We reach out to employer associations and private sector groups that have direct interests in migration to Canada. We also reach out to the general public and migrant communities to share our work and add to the current national conversation about migration.

Visit Our Team page to see the full scope of people and organizations involved in BMRC-IRMU  partnership.