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Welcome to the BMRC-IRMU website, our core information portal for Building Migrant Resilience in Cities. This is a very exciting project. We are creating new knowledge about emerging trends in international migration and resilience. We are deepening the links among academics, non-profits and government, creating new synergies that benefit from each sector’s distinct knowledge and expertise. With partners across Quebec and Ontario, we are building a bilingual knowledge network that will train new generations of migration researchers. Our goal is to nurture a multidisciplinary partnership that will create and disseminate original and relevant knowledge about migration and settlement to researchers, policymakers and decision- makers throughout Canada and around the world at the times they need it. Learn More



Industry of employment by immigration status

This report by Marshia Akbar and al presents findings on the industries of employment of Canadian immigrants with a comparison between Ontario and Quebec.

The anatomy of settlement services

The Anatomy of settlement services is a report by John Shields, from Ryerson University, that provides an overview of the context, the history and the content of settlement services in Canada.

Vivons nos quartiers report-Phase I

This report shares the lessons from Phase I of the Vivons nos quartiers project. The main objective of this project is to contribute to the creation of inclusive and welcoming neighbourhoods for the refugees and immigrants in Montreal .


This research idea succeeded because of its deep roots in CERIS, the successor to the Ontario Metropolis Centre funded by SSHRC, federal, provincial, and municipal governments and many of our current partners including the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving ImmigrantsUnited Way of Toronto and York Region, and Social Planning Toronto. The close ties among partners ensure a broad and sustained collaboration in which all participants contribute ideas and much more.

We are at the beginning of an exhilarating journey. In Canada, just as it is around the world, migration is at the top of the political and policy agenda. BMRC-IRMU is an opportunity to address how international migration will shape the lives of our children and grandchildren. Speaking for all of my partners, I can hardly wait to share new findings and developments with you on our work over the years to come.

Valerie Preston
Principal Investigator, Building Migrant Resilience in Cities (BMRC)
Professor, York University



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