Separate and  Unequal? A  study  of  the  aging  of  immigrant  and  Canadian-born  older  adults  across  different  urban  forms

What is the objective of this project?

This research builds on work WoodGreen began in 2013 with a project that explores the broad topics of seniors and housing. This project builds on this earlier work and explores issues tied to migration and resilience. Analysis will compare and examine the state of older immigrants, also providing comparative groups with each wave of immigrants as well as with Canadian-born adults. 


How will this project be implemented?


The researchers will use the cleaned dataset, which has been completely stripped of any individually identifying information.  Sixty percent (60%) of the respondents are immigrants, twelve percent (12%) of these seniors within the past ten years. We expect this sample will give us some strong insights into the dynamics of settlement, including the interplay with other social determinants such as income, housing form and social connects. Early analysis has shown some promising insights. 


What are the phases of this project?


Phase 1: Knowledge Generation, completed
Phase 2: Knowledge Production, in progress-Topical research summaries which include relevant research items and literature review.
Phase 3: Knowledge dissemination


Activities: Community report-backs to partner organizations, neighbourhood residents, policy makers
• Research reports, written in plain language (described further in Outcomes section)
• Report dissemination strategy which includes launch, news articles, community meetings, conference & community presentations, and web-based sharing platforms


Who is involved in this project?


Principal Investigator:  

Diane Dyson, WoodGreen Community Services