Rupaleem Bhuyan

Rupaleem wb

 Associate Professor in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

Rupaleem Bhuyan is a second-generation immigrant of Assamese/Indian heritage. She was born and raised in the United States and has lived and worked in the U.S., France and Thailand.

Dr. Bhuyan has an interdisciplinary background in International Studies, Cultural Anthropology and Social Welfare. Her research integrates feminist, participatory, and interpretive methodologies and to address the sociocultural and political context of migration, social rights, and gender based violence. Since 1991, Dr. Bhuyan has been part of the anti-violence movement as a peer-rape prevention educator, domestic violence and sexual assault advocate, community educator and community-based researcher. She has worked closely with indigenous, immigrant and refugee communities in addition to collaborations with advocates in organizations serving the general population.

Dr. Bhuyan is currently the principal investigator for the Migrant Mothers Project, a research and community engagement project that works in collaboration with a network of community-based organizations, women’s rights and immigrant rights groups, and grassroots activists. This research documents different forms of inequality that are produced through Canada’s immigration system that intersect with the spectrum of violence against women. Though our research and community organizing efforts, the Migrant Mothers Project aims to foster deeper knowledge about the inequities that shape our lives and to identify strategies for collectively bring about changes that improve the dignity, and human rights for all.

Dr. Bhuyan teaches introductory and advanced qualitative methodology courses in the Faculty of Social Work. She is the Coordinator for the Social Justice and Diversity Field of Specialization and an affiliate member of the Women & Gender Studies Institute and the Centre for Critical Qualitative Research at the University of Toronto.


Phone: (416) 946-5085


Political Social Work & Anti-Oppression Practice; Globalization, Migration; Citizenship and Social Rights; Anti-violence Advocacy & Social Movements; Post-structural, Feminist, Critical Race, and Post-Colonial theories; Interpretive Methodologies & Participant Action Research