Patricia Walker


BMRC Research Project Manager  

Patricia is the Research Project Manager for the Building Migrant Resilience in Cities/ Immigration et resilience en milieu urbain (BMRC/IMRU) research partnership.   

Prior to the BMRC/IMRU partnership, Patricia served as a Research Assistant for the QES-AS Climate Justice project at York University. Over the last decade, she has worked for several research institutes at York University providing project coordination, website development, and grant writing assistance.  

In the past, Patricia worked as a Grant Writing Assistant at the Centre for Refugee Studies and the former York Institute for Health Research. In addition, she acted as Research Project Coordinator for an IDRC-funded Climate Change in Africa Project at the former Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability. 

Patricia holds a Masters in Environmental Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Environmental/Sustainability Education from York University. In 2022, Patricia completed a certificate in Knowledge Mobilization through the Innovation York MobilizeYU Knowledge Mobilization Program. Her research has focused on the agency, adaptive capacity, resilience, and vulnerability of Canadian children and youth (including young immigrants) to climate change.  

Patricia has lived experience as an immigrant in Canada, having moved from Brazil to Canada in 2000. She is deeply passionate about immigration and settlement issues in this country.