Amber Gazso

Associate Professor of Sociology at York University

Amber Gazso, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Sociology at York University. Her main areas of research interest include: citizenship; family and gender relations; research methods; poverty; and the welfare state. Overall, she specializes in research that explores family members’ relationships with social policies of the neo-liberal welfare state. In the Journal of Poverty, Social Problems, and Critical Social Policy, she has recently published articles on how families manage low income through networks of social support (including family, community, and the state), the intergenerational transmission of social assistance receipt, and how women and men, including those with children, experience social assistance receipt while also living with and managing addiction. A side passion of her is the study and practice of qualitative research methods; with co-author Katherine Bischoping, she authored Analyzing Talk in the Social Sciences: Narrative, Conversation and Discourse Strategies (Sage).


Phone: 416-736-2100, ext 77987

Citizenship; sociology of the family and intimate relations; sociology of gender; poverty; social policy; and research methods.

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