BMRC Releases Policy Preview on "Removing Caps on International Students’ Paid Work"

BMRC is delighted to announce the release of a Policy Preview on "Removing Caps on International Students’ Paid Work", co-authored by Nelson Graham, Margaret Walton-Roberts, and Valerie Preston. This Policy Preview is based on the BMRC webinar "Are International Students Disposable Workers?" which took place on January 26, 2023, and was moderated by Professor Margaret Walton-Roberts. An expert panel including Arun Thangaraj, (then) Associate Deputy Minister, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; Dr. Randall Martin, Executive Director, BC Council of International Education; Bipin Kumar, International Students Representative, Canadian Federation of Students; Dr. Kathryn Dennler, Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada; Myriam Mekni, Executive Director, Catholic Centre for Immigrants, Ottawa; Dr. Mikal Skuterud, University of Waterloo; and Dr. Sutama Ghosh, Toronto Metropolitan University convened to discuss the following questions:

  • How will the increase in work hours influence the number of people applying to be international students in Canada and why?
  • How many students will increase their work hours?
  • How will working more hours affect the academic success of international students, students’ quality of life, and their chances of becoming permanent residents in Canada?
  • How will this regulatory change affect Canadian labour markets? Who benefits from the regulatory changes?
  • What is needed to make this policy change positive for international students and enhance their contributions to Canada?

To watch the webinar, please click here.