New Members of the Partnership

Dr. Michael Haan
Dr. Michael Haan, Canada Research Chair in Migration & Ethnic Relations, Academic Director of the Statistics Canada Research Centre, and Director of the Collaborative Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations at Western University is a sociologist who uses ‘big data’ to study some of Canada’s most important social issues. He has extensive experience analyzing administrative and census microdata that will enable detailed investigations of the transitions from temporary status to permanent residence status in each of the metropolitan areas being studied by the partnership. He also has close links with current academic and community partners. In addition to working with researchers in the Kitchener-Waterloo city network, he has also worked with several of community partners including York Region and the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership.

Dr. Deborah McPhee
Dr. McPhee is an Associate Professor in the Goodman School of Business at Brock University where she studies career transition, health and safety in the workplace, and aging workers. A seasoned Human Resource Professional, she has published and taught Human Resource Management for more than 20 years. Her knowledge of HR will help the partnership investigate how institutions can match and recruit newcomer human resources, and connect migrants with businesses, and develop resilience in migrants and communities. She is already involved in a research project on newcomer business succession strategies led by Dr. Francine Schlosser.