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BMRC-IRMU May 2018 Newsletter

Ottawa-Gatineau city-network updates


Resilience and International Student Mobility: The Impact of Institutional Factors on Recruitment, Retention and Pathways to Permanent Status

The research team met on May 9, 2018 to discuss progress to date and next steps. Louise Cockram (RA at Carleton U) has completed research examining the main legislative and regulatory changes at the Federal level relating to international students in Canada for the period from 2000-2017. Meanwhile she is finalizing a review of the literature on international students and mobility in Canada and will shortly proceed with an institutional scan of international student related information at Carleton University. Jean Nephetaly Michel (RA at uOttawa) has nearly completed the institutional scan on international students at the uOttawa and is working on a review of the literature on international students in French. The team has submitted an ethics application for the qualitative data collection stage at the Carleton U REB office.

The preliminary findings of the project will be shared in the form of a poster at the Partnership meeting in Toronto on June 5.


Transversal project: Analysis of governance structures and policy discourses shaping migration and resilience: an examination of Canada's federal, provincial and municipal governments

In early May, team meetings were held across the participating city-networks (Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Ottawa-Gatineau) to share updates and coordinate upcoming research activities. John Shields (Toronto) has now finalized two reports on the structures of governance for Toronto and for Ontario that will be shared at the Partnership meeting in Toronto on June 6.

On May 24, the teams of Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa-Gatineau will meet virtually to discuss the policy discourse analysis aspect of the project. The first stage (a broad scan of policy documents for each level of government) is near completion. Relevant policy documents have been identified and selected. The team is developing a codebook for the detailed analysis of policy discourse within a selected number of documents that are representative of how ‘resilience’ is used by various levels of government and in a number of specific sectors (e.g., security, environment and climate change, etc.). The preliminary findings of this work will be shared with a presentation at the Partnership meeting in Toronto on June 6.


Upcoming & external events

May 26, 2018

The Ottawa Sanctuary City Network is organizing: FROM THE GROUND UP: BUILDING A SANCTUARY CITY TOGETHER


Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Jack Purcell Community Centre

9am to 3:45pm, with social event to follow


Every day we witness the fallout of the global crisis of displacement. And we see how governments too often fail to act - or act to make matters worse. Federal immigration laws continue to limit access to status and force people to make life-threatening decisions to seek safety. Ottawa City Council refused to pass a sanctuary city policy, and cities that have policies on paper continue to fail people with precarious immigration status. It's clear that the work of building inclusive and safe communities for all must begin with us.


We believe that we have the knowledge and the power to do this. In Ottawa and across Canada, organizers, community members and front line service providers have been building safer communities through creative strategies developed from the ground up. Let's bring our collective skills and experience together to build a sanctuary city from below.


Join us for a day of discussion, learning, and strategizing about:


- Critical Casework: Protecting privacy and access to services

- Border Crossings: Supporting failed asylum seekers

- Building a Culture of Unconditional Access

- Policing and Immigration: Limiting police discretion


Special guests include:

- Ingrid Mendez, Sanctuary Health, Vancouver

- Serge Bouchereau, Comité d'action des personnes sans statut (CAPSS), Montréal

-Dillon Black, Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW)

- Organizers from Overdose Prevention Ottawa

- Lydia Dobson, Criminalization and Punishment Education Project

- Jamie Liew, University of Ottawa

-David Moffette, University of Ottawa


Childcare is available.

Please register to help us plan meals, childcare and other needs:


320 Jack Purcell Ln, Corner of Elgin St.

* The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.


June 18-30, 2018

OLIP will be holding its 6th Welcoming Ottawa Week (WOW) from June 18-30. Numerous events are held during WOW to engage the public and raise awareness on issues relating to immigration, refugees, settlement and integration in Ottawa.

For more information:

Calendar of events will soon be available here:


Luisa Veronis is organizing two community events during WOW 2018:


Event 1 – Community presentation on Tuesday 19 June 2018 (in French)

Les cultures de la participation : Explorer l'intégration des immigrants d’expression française à travers l'engagement social dans divers sites communautaires francophones

Lors de cette présentation communautaire, le groupe de recherche sur la diversité et l’équité (GRDE) de l’Université d’Ottawa en collaboration avec le Centre de services communautaires Vanier (CSCV) partagera les résultats d’une étude récente examinant la participation sociale des immigrants d’expression française à Ottawa dans divers sites communautaires francophones. Une attention particulière sera portée aux motivations, aux expériences et aux bénéfices de la participation dans ces sites. L’étude souligne également les facilitateurs et les barrières à l’engagement social ainsi que les formes de capital social qui peuvent en découler. Enfin, cette présentation communautaire sera une opportunité pour échanger et discuter les recommandations avancées dans le rapport final de l’étude. Cette présentation est ouverte au public et sera particulièrement d’intérêt à toute personne s’identifiant comme francophone et/ou immigrante ainsi qu’aux travailleurs de première ligne, aux représentants d’organismes communautaires et aux leaders communautaires. L’étude a été financée par le Ministère de l’Immigration, des Réfugiés et de la Citoyenneté du Canada (IRCC).


Event 2 – Community workshop on Thursday 21 June 2018

Social media use in refugee resettlement: experiences and practices of Syrian newcomer youth in Ottawa

In this interactive workshop, we will share the findings of a study on the social media use of recently resettled Syrian newcomer youth (both female and male) in Ottawa. The focus will be on how social media can facilitate and assist in the resettlement process and everyday experiences after arrival, including to access information about services and education and to support the building of new connections and friendships across space, place, and time. The key insights are based on the results of a SSHRC-IRCC funded project on the social media use of Syrian newcomer youth during their resettlement experiences in Ottawa. Combining short presentations and audience engagement, this workshop will be of interest to first line workers, practitioners, volunteers, and all those interested in the settlement and integration of refugees, newcomers and immigrants.

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May 26, 2018, the Ottawa Sanctuary City Network is organizing: FROM THE GROUND UP: BUILDING A SANCTUARY CITY TOGETHER