Nos découvertes

We send a newsletter every month that summarizes the partnership activities and announces upcoming priorities.

City Profiles
We present the results of our comparative city profiles by city networks.

Research Reports
Our research teams publish their findings and results in academic formats such as scholarly and working papers, journal articles, and peer-review.

Research Digests
Our plain language research digests share findings and methodologies from our work in a concise format for anyone that might have an interest in a particular topic.

Policy Briefs
We explore the policy implications of our research through national, provincial, and municipal perspectives.

We organize conferences to help researchers, community organizations and policymakers develop a common agenda.

Knowledge Mobilization Strategy
Our KM Officer developed a knowledge mobilization strategy for our research partnership. This document is open to the public and will be updated over time.

Partner Reports

Check out our Partner Organizations and their Reports!

KM Outputs

Check out our KM Outputs!

Midterm Report