Damaris Rose


Professeur d'études urbaines au centre de recherche Urbanisation Culture Société de l'Université INRS

Damaris Rose is a professor of Urban Studies at the at the Urbanisation Culture Société research centre of Université INRS, a research and graduate teaching institute, in Montréal. As of 1 Sept. 2017, she has taken early retirement and will continue my academic activities (part-time) as an Honorary Professor. Her specializations:

  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood change and diversity
  • Immigrant and refugee settlement

Research methods--especially qualitative methods. She conducts scholarly and associated activities. As well as academic publications, she tries to disseminate socially relevant findings to the wider community. She teaches and supervises masters and PhD students, and trains future researchers in urban studies.


Téléphone: 514-499-4028

Fax:  514-499-4065

Email: damaris.rose@ucs.inrs.ca

  1. Housing
  2. Neighbourhood change and diversity
  3. Immigrant and refugee settlement