Xiaohao Wu


In spring 2020, Xiaohao Wu graduated with an Honours B.A. in Geography from the University of Ottawa. His honours thesis, which was supervised by Dr. Luisa Veronis, examined the experiences of English-speaking international students within the unique bilingual context of the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa-Gatineau region.


In 2019-2020, Xiaohao was a research assistant for the BMRC-IRMU funded project “Resilience and International Student Mobility: The Impact of Institutional Factors on Recruitment, Retention and Pathways to Permanent Status”. More specifically, he assisted with recruiting participants and conducting semi-structured interviews with English-speaking international students at the University of Ottawa. He is currently collaborating with Dr. Luisa Veronis and her team on two publications focusing on the pre-arrival experiences of international students at the University of Ottawa and international students’ experiences with the complex bilingual geographies in Ottawa-Gatineau.