Harald Bauder

Professor in the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at Ryerson University and Director of the MA Program in Immigration and Settlement Studies (ISS)

Rupaleem Bhuyan

Rupaleem wb

 Associate Professor in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

Kwame McKenzie

CEO of Wellesley Institute

Debbie Douglas

Debbie-Douglas wb

Executive Director of OCASI -the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

Angelika Neuenhofen


Policy and Program Adviser at the Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC)

Sutama Ghosh

Sutama wb

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University

John Shields

JohnShields wb

Professor in the Department of Policy and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan University

Vivian W. Y. Leung


PhD Candidate & Research Coordinator at Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

Marshia Akbar

Senior Research Associate with the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration program at Toronto Metropolitan University

Zainab Abu Alrob


PhD student in Policy Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University

Cansu Ekmekcioglu

PhD candidate, Information Science, Faculty of Information at University of Toronto

Trisha Scantlebury

Manager, Research, Public Policy & Evaluation at United Way Greater Toronto

Vera Dodic


Director, Strategic Partnerships, City of Toronto

Nicole Watson


Acting Manager, Toronto Newcomer Office, City of Toronto

Meaghan Symington

Policy Analyst, Immigration Policy Unit, Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Ontario

Parvine Bahramian


Bilingual Senior Coordinator -Policy and Research, OCASI

Tenzin Chime

Student, Political Science, Psychology and Diaspora & Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto.

Sohail Shahidnia

Ph.D. Candidate in Policy Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Isabel Cascante

Holds a BEd from the University of Regina, a BA and MA from the University of Calgary, and a PhD in literature and cultural studies from the University of Toronto.

Sharon Broughton

PhD candidate at Toronto Metropolitan University

Kelly Sung

MA student at Toronto Metropolitan University

Saad El Hakmi


Student at Toronto Metropolitan University

Diane Dyson


Senior Director, Research, Canadian Urban Institute

Michelynn Laflèche

Vice-President of Strategy, Research & Policy at United Way Toronto & York Region

Sean Meagher

Sean-Meagher wb

Executive Director, Social Planning Toronto

Chris Brillinger

Executive Director of the Social Development, Finance & Administration Division