Patti Lenard

Associate Professor of Ethics in the Graduate school of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa

Patti Tamara Lenard is Associate Professor of Ethics in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa. She is the author of Trust, Democracy and Multicultural Challenges (Penn State, 2012). Her work has been published in a range of journals, including the American Political Science Review, Political Studies, Ethics and International Affairs, Review of Politics, and Ethics and Global Politics. She is presently running two large projects that focus on the experience of refugees in Canada, especially those who are ‘privately sponsored’. One of these projects focuses on the ways in which sponsors support the agency of the newcomers with whom they work, and the other focuses on the struggles that newcomers have in reuniting with their families, once they arrive in Ottawa. As part of this work, she runs a small organization called Rainbow Haven, which sponsors and settles LGBTQ refugees in Ottawa.


Phone: 613-562-5800(8995)


Her current research focuses on the moral questions raised by migration across borders in an era of terrorism, especially as it pertains to refugees and irregularly present migrants, trust and social cohesion, and democratic theory more generally.

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