Leadership update-September 2019

Hi Everyone, September brings the beginning of the school year when the pace of activity suddenly accelerates. This is also true for the partnership. Please SAVE THE DATE for the next partnership meeting that is tentatively planned for January 23, 2019 in Windsor. We anticipate that members of working groups and research projects can meet […]

May 2019 PI update

I know everyone joins me in welcoming Chedly Belkhodja, our colleague and co-investigator, who has returned from leave; you can put his email back in your address book. I also want to welcome Paul Bachellerie whom many of you met at the Kitchener-Waterloo meeting. Joining us from École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'État at […]

Comings and going-February 2019

Dr.  Carla Angolu-Pasel has a background in gender and migration and recently completed her Ph.D. in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.  Her primary role will be to co-ordinate the partnership’s development of a Gender Capacity Building guide/tool.   An expert on security issues, Dr. Chris Hendershot holds a PhD in Political Science from […]

Villes  sanctuaires  au  Canada:  pratiques,  besoins  et  politiques

Quel est l’objectif de ce projet?Ce projet vise à mieux comprendre les pratiques officielles et informelles associées à la notion de sanctuaire au Canada et, surtout, à soutenir les acteurs de terrain dans la mise en œuvre de telles pratiques. Bien que l’expression « ville sanctuaire » soit « hautement évocatrice, il n’en existe pas de définition univoque [...]

Toronto city network October update

Update about meetings happening in our city network   John Shields was part of a small group of Ryerson University faculty that met on September 18th with a delegation from the Public Employment Service in Sweden led by Mikael Sjöberg, Sweden’s Director General in Toronto. The main purpose of the visit was to gain knowledge […]

Montreal city network October update

Update about research activities Nous somme en train de finaliser le rapport de la phase 1 du projet Vivons nos quartiers, en collaboration avec les partenaires de la recherche, la TCRI et Centraide du Grand Montréal. Un résumé de recherche relatant ces permiers résultats sera publié sous peu. Update on Knowledge mobilization activities(Publications, events)  Conférence […]

Ottawa-Gatineau city networks news, October 2018

Knowledge mobilization and dissemination activities: Roundtable On Wednesday October 10, Luisa Veronis facilitated a round table on Francophone immigration in Ontario organized by the Centre de Recherche en Civilisation Canadienne Française (CRCCF) of the University of Ottawa. The Roundtable featured 3 panelists, including a representative from CESOC which is one of our community partners involved in […]

Toronto City Network Update-September 2018

The research team welcomes Andrea Bobadilla as the Graduate Research Coordinator for the study. As a multi-sector collaborative study, Andrea will be co-hosted by the Migrant Mothers Project at the University of Toronto and Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services where she will assist with coordinating community engagement and research activities. Andrea brings with […]

Leadership update-September 2018

Hi Everyone This fall is beginning with a bang, so let me share the bad news first. The partnership meeting that had been planned for October 25 and 26, 2018 is postponed. The dates were no longer possible in Kitchener-Waterloo and the work involved in preparing the Midterm Review report makes it impossible to hold […]