Lucia Lo


Chair of the Department of Geography at York University (2009-2013)

Professor Lo's research interests spans many areas. Using a political economy approach, her work on the Chinese diaspora focuses primarily on changing settlement patterns, business structures, consumer behaviour, and labour market performance. Her work on immigrant settlement and integration includes the provision, access and use of settlement service, labour market performance, immigrant entrepreneurship and ethnic economy, and the role of ethnic banks on immigrant integration. Currently, she examines highly skilled migration between China, Canada and the United States.
She received her PhD, Department of Geography from University of Toronto,
Her Master’s, Department of Geography from McMaster University, and
Bachelor’s (Summa Cum Laude), Departments of Economics and Geography from McMaster University.

She has been the Chair of the Department of Geography at York University from 2009 – 2013.
Leader at the Transportation and Commerce Thrust, Geomatics for Informed Decision Making NCE (GEOIDE) from 2003-2005.
Leader at the Economics and Labour Market Domain, CERIS - The Ontario Metropolis Centre from 2002-2006.
Undergraduate Program Director, Department of geography at york University from 1998-2001.
Member, Editorial Board, Geographical and Environmental Modelling from 1996-2002.
Councillor at the Canadian Regional Science Association from 1995-2001.


Phone: (416) 736-5621

Her research interests include: Changing settlement patterns, business structures, consumer behaviour, labour market performance, access and use of settlement service, labour market performance, immigrant entrepreneurship and ethnic economy, and the role of ethnic banks on immigrant integration.

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