Jill Hanley

Professor at the McGill School of Social Work

Jill Hanley is Full Professor at the McGill School of Social Work, where she teaches social policy, migration and community organizing. Her research focuses on access to social rights (housing, health and labour) for precarious status migrants, as well as their individual, family and collective strategies to address these rights. She is Scientific Director of the SHERPA University Institute with the mandate to improve access and quality of public health and social services for immigrants and ethno-racial minority communities. She is also the co-founder of the Immigrant Workers Centre, where she has been actively involved for over 20 years.


Phone: (514) 398-4046

Email: jill.hanley@mcgill.ca

  1. Social policy: immigration/refugee policy; labour rights; health; social housing
  2. Community organizing: cross-cultural; feminist; neighbourhood; anti-poverty; immigration; labour
  3. Community development: housing; community economic development

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