Goals & Outcomes

We envision BMRC-IRMU to leave its mark on contemporary migration and resilience research, and to positively contribute to the outcomes of migrants in Quebec and Ontario. Our work will benefit academic scholarship, potential settlement outcomes, and institututional initiatives to promote migrant resilience.

Scholarly Contribution

The research currently being conducted by teams across Quebec and Ontario is generating new knowledge about settlement and migrant resilience in urban areas for academics, researchers, and students. As we use different research methodologies to gather data and provide analysis, we also contribute to new and novel ways to carry out research and contribute to the national and international agenda regarding immigration and settlement. We are also building the capacity of emerging researchers, scholars, and students dedicated to better understanding migration, resilience, and integration issues. Through many opportunities for academic training and skills development, our network of emerging researchers is expanding. This enhanced research collaboration is part of a larger national and international conversation on migration issues and resilience.

Social Contribution

The very nature of our collaboration promotes scholarly research that can inform evidence-based practice. Our findings and analysis will inform policy at the national, provincial, and municipal levels, affecting migrants directly. We work through our networks to inform policymakers directly about new  knowledge of migrants and resilience in urban areas throughout Quebec and Ontario. In collaboration with community and non-governmental organizations, we develop research about successful practices that will respond to partners’ on-going concerns and result in  appropriate and effective interventions and services that promote migrant settlement and incorporation in their communities.