Gerry Kerr


Associate Professor, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Odette School of Business

University of Windsor

Dr. Gerry Kerr received a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, Canada.  His specialties include Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, both of which Dr. Kerr has taught full-time since 2001, when he joined the Odette School of Business. Since then, Gerry has gratefully received multiple teaching awards from undergraduate, graduate, and executive students.

Publications include articles in Business HorizonsFrontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Journal of Entrepreneurship, Journal of Management History, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Personnel Psychology.

At the Odette School of Business, Gerry has served as Area Chair for Strategy & Entrepreneurship and as M.B.A. Program Director.  Under his leadership, tighter alignment was created in the M.B.A. between classroom and practice.  This work included placing greater emphasis on general management formation, with entrepreneurship and innovation as core activities.  Before joining Odette, Gerry filled managerial positions in the retailing and publishing industries.



Dr. Kerr's research interests also cover both Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.  The work in entrepreneurship includes examination of resource development and performance in small firms.  As well, Gerry has undertaken projects focused on aspects of student, ethnic/immigrant, and, especially, older entrepreneurs.

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