Gabrielle Désilets

Project manager for the Montreal and Quebec networks of the CRSH partnership Immigration and Urban Resilience

Gabrielle Désilets is a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University and project manager for the Montreal and Quebec networks of the SHRC Immigration and Urban Resilience Partnership (BMRC-IRMU, 2016-2021). She administers and coordinates cross-sector initiatives between the community, academic and government communities involved in the reception and settlement of refugees and immigrants in Quebec and Canada.
She has over 15 years of professional experience and research on issues of immigration, transnationalism, ethnocultural diversity management and intercultural relations in the context of globalization. Her work has focused on voluntary migration, for religious, educational and professional reasons, on issues of identity and sense of belonging in relation to space and place.
Her background in urban anthropology and human geography (B.A. Concordia University (2006); M.Sc. University of Montreal (2009); Ph.D. Australian National University (2015)) focuses on qualitative, ethnographic and comparative methodologies. She is an expert in the study of the link between mobility and urbanity in different parts of the world: Australia, Singapore and Canada.
She holds a postdoctoral degree from SSHRC completed at the National Institute of Scientific Research, Urbanization, Culture and Society (INRS-UCS), under the direction of Annick Germain (2015-2017) where she was interested in the mobility of international students Montreal and the temporary migration of skilled workers into the creative industries of Mile End in Montreal. Neighbourhood-wide revitalization and changes in the global labour organization are some of the themes addressed in this research.
Her work has been published in scientific journals and publishing houses such as Urban Diversity, Anthropological Forum, Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, Routeledge, and Palgrave Macmillan & Workshop 10.


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