Duncan Lam


Duncan Lam was a research assistant and coordinator for the Windsor City Network. He taught at St Clair College, and had recently completed his MBA at the University of Windsor. He was involved in a research project investigating the role of regional stakeholders in helping international students build resilience, and presented at a panel for the CBIE Ontario Regional Meeting in June 2019. He is currently the General Manager of CAMufacturing Solutions in Windsor, Ontario.


Duncan is an immigrant, having landed in Canada 10 years ago with his wife. In addition to having been an international student in the US, his teaching career had led him to work extensively with international students in Canada. He had worked in the US for 10 years, and founded ENK Tenofour, an international cylinder distribution company. All this cultivated in him a respectable amount of interest in issues related mobility and migration.


Email: lam126@uwindsor.ca

  1. Schlosser, F. (moderator), Lam, D. and Veres, J. (2019). How can Post-Secondary Institutions Nurture a Resilient International Student Population? Panel presentation at Canadian Bureau for International Education Ontario meeting, June.