Deborah McPhee


Chair and Professor at Brock University

Dr. Deborah McPhee (nee Zinni), the former Associate Dean of Undergraduates and AACSB at the Goodman School of Business at Brock University, is a Professor, and Chair of her department.  She possesses over 25 years of senior Human Resources Management experience. She has authored numerous refereed journal articles, HRM textbooks, book chapters, and case studies. Her research interests’ focus on HRM policies, attraction and retention of talent, aging workers and career transition, and Health & Safety. Dr. McPhee is currently working with a team of researchers on violence against women and the promotion of friendly pet shelter policies, for which they have received funding from SSHRC.  Deborah is leading a funded Partnership Grant – SSHRC – Hennebry, J. and Schosser, F., investigating the resilience of migrant workers in the cannabis industry, particularly the health and safety issues related to their employment.    Deborah is also part of funded Partnership Grant – SSHRC – Co-applicant -  Schlosser, F.  (PI),  McPhee, D.M., & Carvalho de Azevedo, M., exploring the involvement of institutions in matching immigrant newcomers and closing family businesses in Windsor.   She is also working on several other research projects related to career transition of late career executives into the stigmatized cannabis industry, and impact of COVID on nursing retention on two international projects (Canada, Portugal and Finland; Canada, Finland and Brazil).  Deborah is the recipient of two national awards for teaching and advancing HRM and Health and Safety as a field of study.



Research interests include aging workers as it relates to career transitioning, the attraction and retention of employees (Aboriginal and pet-friendly policies), young and older workers health and safety, and leadership. McPhee utilizes her practitioner and academic training to strengthen the HRM policy aspects of her research.

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