Andrea Bobadilla

Research Coordinator

Andrea is a research coordinator for the Promoting Collective Action Among Immigrant Communities with the Building Migrant Resilience in Cities partnership, under the leadership of Dr. Rupaleem Bhuyan at University of Toronto.

She was responsible for coordinating research activities, including recruitment and training of peer researchers as well as conducting data collection through the facilitation of focus groups and interviews with community leaders involved in collective actions. Andrea continues to assist with data analysis and knowledge mobilization activities. Andrea has worked with various migrant groups, including temporary foreign workers, new permanent residents, and refugees in both her research and community organizing work for migrant access to health care. Her research focuses on the areas of immigration policy, health promotion, and health systems research, and feminist approaches to social and public policy. Andrea is currently a Researcher with the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation in Ottawa and completing a PhD in Health Promotion, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, from the University of Western Ontario. Andrea also serves on the Board of Directors for the Migrant Resource Centre of Canada.