Allison Petrozziello

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Allison Petrozziello is a feminist migration researcher and human rights advocate who is pursuing a PhD in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University. A specialist in gender, migration, human rights, and development, Ms. Petrozziello has over 15 years of experience in applied research and international development work in Central America and the Caribbean with actors ranging from grassroots NGOs to the United Nations. Gender on the Move, a training manual she wrote for UN Women, has been published in four languages and used around the world to shift thinking and action on migration and development from a gender and rights-based perspective. Ms. Petrozziello was a contributor to recent expert consultations (2019 World Conference on Statelessness & Inclusion; ILO on labour migration; UNICEF/CRC/CMW on child migrant protection), and continues to do research and training consulting for UN Women, ILO, OECD, and the Inter-American Development Bank’s Migration Unit, among others.

Allison has brought this experience to bear at Wilfrid Laurier University as contract faculty in Political Science and Women & Gender Studies and with the International Migration Research Centre. Her academic research portfolio includes gender analysis of global migration governance, critical statelessness studies, transnational families, and the role of remittances in development. Her work has been published in International MigrationGender & DevelopmentThe Statelessness and Citizenship ReviewCultural Dynamics, and the Bulletin of Latin American Research.

Allison is affiliated with the International Development Research Centre (doctoral fellow) and the Caribbean Migrants Observatory (OBMICA, Dominican Republic). She holds a BA in Women’s Studies from Smith College and an MA in International Development & Social Change from Clark University.






Office: 226 772 3186

Gender, Migration, Development, Human Rights, Citizenship/Statelessness, Global Social Policy, International Feminist Politics & Advocacy, Globalization, Development, UN System, Care Work, Latin America & the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Work, Inequality, Border Studies, Transnational Studies, Social Change