Leadership update-September 2018

Hi Everyone

This fall is beginning with a bang, so let me share the bad news first. The partnership meeting that had been planned for October 25 and 26, 2018 is postponed. The dates were no longer possible in Kitchener-Waterloo and the work involved in preparing the Midterm Review report makes it impossible to hold the meeting in Toronto as we had hoped. A new date will be discussed shortly with the Steering Committee. Please see below for more information about the Midterm Review that will be a major preoccupation in the weeks ahead.

The session entitled Geographies of Immigration and Resilience from the National to the Neighbourhood Scale that included partnership members from Montréal, Ottawa, and Toronto was a tremendous success at the International Geographical Union meetings in Québec City. For more opportunities to share the partnership’s activities, see the call for sessions at the National Metropolis meeting in Halifax in March, 2019.

The partnership is growing. It is my pleasure to welcome Laura McDonough from the United Way Greater Toronto as a co-investigator. Laura has been working closely with the Toronto and York region city networks on two research projects. Dr. Yogendra Shakya, Senior Research Scientist from Access Alliance, has also joined the partnership as a co-investigator on the Transformative Resilience project being undertaken with Dr. Rupaleem Bhuyan from the Toronto city network. Many of you already know Dr. Adnan Turegun who is now a co-investigator affiliated with the York Region city network.  From the University of Windsor, Dr. Gerald Kerr who studies ethnic/immigrant and older entrepreneurs has also joined the Windsor city network as a co-investigator. Dr. Jill Hanley of McGill University who spoke at the Ottawa partnership meeting about her longitudinal study of migrant workers with precarious status has also joined the partnership as a co-investigator. Dr. Meghan Joy from Concordia University is now a collaborator working with Dr. Mireille Paquet on a comparative study that examines how sanctuary city policies in Canada affect the resilience of some of the most vulnerable migrants.

I want to thank Naolo Charles, the Knowledge Broker for the partnership, who has worked hard to add information about partners and our research activities to the website. Please have a look.