Ottawa-Gatineau City Network November update

Team members of the Transversal Project (Analysis of governance structures and policy discourses shaping migration and resilience: an examination of Canada's federal, provincial and municipal governments) have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss and finalize the methodology and the sharing of research activities.

New publications:
Veronis, L. et S. Huot. 2017. Les espaces de rencontres : Les expériences d’intégration sociale et culturelle des immigrants et réfugiés francophones dans les communautés francophones en situation minoritaire. Ottawa : Immigration, réfugiés et citoyenneté Canada; London, ON : Voies vers la prospérité / Pathways to Prosperity (University of Western Ontario). 95 pages. (

Huot, S. & Veronis, L. 2017. Examining the role of minority community spaces for enabling migrants’ performance of intersectional identities through occupation. Journal of Occupational Science. (Online first). DOI: 10.1080/14427591.2017.1379427 (

Conference activity

Luisa will be presenting at the Association for Canadian Studies conference "Measuring identity, diversity and inclusion in Canada @ 150 and beyond" on 30 November (

Her presentation is titled “A Comparative Evaluation of Local Immigration Partnerships and their role in the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Process in 3 Ontario Reception Centres.”

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