KM November Update

1) How can we help Syrian refugees find permanent housing in Canada?

Comment aider les réfugiés à se loger de façon durable au Canada?

Damaris Rose has been working on a Research Digest with the KM committee. The research looks at the challenges and successes of Refugee serving organizations who were tasked to find the first permanent housing for Syrian refugee newcomers who arrived in Canada in 2015-2016. The recently published Research Digest is available here.

The French version is available here: Comment aider les réfugiés à se loger de façon durable au Canada?

2)Social Media 
If you have not done it yet, we invite you to follow the BMRC-IRMU Twitter page, to like the BMRC-IRMU Facebook page and to share with us content that you want to promote on the BMRC social media pages

3)The Calendar
The calendar tool is available on the website. We invite you to add your city network events regularly by using this link. and clicking on Post your event.

4)Webinar on how to write an OP-ED

The Institute for Research on Public Policy is organizing a webinar on how to write an OP-ED.  We encourage you to register and learn more on how your findings and your expertise can make an impact outside of your immediate network.

You can find more information about this webinar here.

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